Cambodia Trip : Kbal spean Nov 15,2013

Our destination now is kbal spean in khmer language meaning bridge head kbal spean is not far way from Angkor temples it is still in Siam reap area.
Kbal Spean is a river which is carved by god and goddess figure in Hindu Belief
From the entrance gate to the river is about 3 KM actually not far but the problem is we must pass the forest it is like trekking
I wonder is the range right 3 KM I felt it is more than 3 KM
Arrived at the river we soon took the picture a guide brought us to explore the are
Kbal spean was built began from King suryavarman I and ended at king udayadityavarman II from 11-12 AD

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Cambodia Trip : Phimeanakas Temple Nov,14,2013


After visited terrace of elephant and terrace of Lepper King we visited Phimeanakas it was late afternoon when we arrived here it about 4.09 pm to get here we walked down and passed the stone gate.whe we arrived here we saw a big building made from stone in pyramid shape
Pyramid style is look like Hindu Religion they belief mountain is sacred place that answer question why many religious building like temples were built in mountain shape
Phimeanakas was built by King Rajendravarman (941-968 AD) and continued later by his successor king suryavarman II
On the top of the temple there is gallery now it only ruins we can see the pillars here
There is a legend relating with this temple on the top of the temple was living a naga in beautiful woman form.
The king must come and met her every night if the naga didn’t show up the king live will not be long but if the king who didn’t show up the great disaster will struck the land
In the past only the king who can clim up to the top

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Cambodia Trip : Terrace Of The Lepper King Nov,14,2013

We wisited terrace of The lepper king after we visited Angkor wat and bayon temple from 3.15 pm-3.59 we visited This gallery.
In khmer language this gallery was known as preah learn sdech kunlung this gallery also build by king jayavarman VII order
Until know there are dispute why this gallery is known as Lepper King some historian says in Angkor Kingdom era there is a king who got leprosy but they still disagree who is the king no inscription tells the complete story
Terrace of lepper King located in the northwest from Angkor Thom this gallery is near with Terrace of Elephant
Compared with terrace of Elephant carvings in here is in better condition

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Cambodia Trip : Banteay Kdei Monastery Nov,15,2013

We explored banteay kedei monastery for about 1 hour began from 2.28-3.28 pm this temple also built by king jayavarman VII around end of 12 AD the same king who build Bayon  and other temples in Angkor and outside Angkor like Beng Maelea and Banteay Chmar

Same like other buiding were being built during king jayavarman VII era this temple also built from sandstone

When we see banteay kdei we will notice many similiarity between Banteay Kdei and ta prom and preah khan

In ta prom we see many fragments represent prajnaparamitha,in preah khan we see lokeshvara and for Banteay kdei we see Budha

In Banteay kdei visitors will see apsara dancers carvings in the wall

the best time to visit Banteay Kdei is at morning and late afternoon


Location : Siam Reap,around Angkor Thom at Angkor heritage area

Ticket : show Angkor heritage ticket

Going here : by Tuk tuk,motorcycle or travel bus


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Cambodia Trip : Lolei Temple Nov,17,2013

Lolei Temple

We arrived at Lolei Temple on November 17,2013 at 9 am.lolei is one of rulous group temple in Siam Reap like Bakong and Preah Ko.

Lolei is the northernmost from rulous group temple and the last to be built as part of hariharalaya city king Yashovarman I built this temple

When I walked down to the temple I saw 4 temple made from red brick this 4 temples represent King Grandfather,Grandmother,Father and his mother

Lolei like other rulous temples are Hindu Temple

These temples were built at 893 AD and make them older than Angkor wat

Rulous group temples are located near Angkor area

For visitors who have visited Angkor they can go here

When I came there is renovation working at here

Near the lolei is monastery for the monks we will see monks wearing their yellow robe in here

Location : hariharalaya,Near Siam Reap,Cambodia

Going Here : by Tuk tuk,motorcycle,rent car

Ticket : just show Angkor Ticket pass which you have bought at Ticket booth in front of Angkor Gate

photos can be seen at

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Cambodia Trip : East Mebon Temple November 16,2013

East Mebon Temple

We visited East Mebon Temple at 10.30 am this temple is made of red brick.king rajendravarman build this temple as the honour his other temples in Angkor area this is also hindu temple and dedicated to god shiva.
What make this temple is different from other temple are the big elephant and lion statues.the height of the elephant statues is the same as the height of adult.

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