Vietnam Trip : Hanoi Feb 8,2014 Vietnam Military Museum

want to know about vietnam war and collections of war machine during Vietnam war
visit this museum
this museum is located in wast old quarter hanoi
in the front guest has been welcomed by a T-54 Tank in the left and MIG-21 in right side
going to back of the museum we will see fighter plane,Helicopter,APC (armoured Personal carrier) from USA
a transport plane which was used by President Ho Chi Minh to visit area in Vietnam also be displayed
don’t miss the SAM,canon and of course canons from Nguyen dynasty the last dynasty which ruled Vietnam
a destoyed C-47 plane which used to tansport French Army in famous batlle Dien Bien Phu also can be seen
Dien Bien Phu battle is the historic battle which change the fate of Indochina
a flag tower which built by Nguyen Dynasty in 19 Century
this museum open from Tuesday-saturday excet friday
time from 8.00-11.00 AM then close and open again 1-4.30 PM

Muhamad Irfan
Fotografer Dan Traveller
Prewdding-Wedding-Valentine-honeymoon-Liburan keluarga-Reuni Universitas&sekolah-Paket Liburan
Instagram @irfantraveller
WA : 0813 1021 9179


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