Vietnam Trip : Hanoi Feb 8,2014 One Pillar Pagoda And President Ho Chi Minh Museum

after took photos of President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum we moved to President Ho Chii Minh Museum
in this Museum we will see photos,writings about the life of President Ho chi Minh and vietnam History dyring war
when we entered the building we will see big statue of President H Chi Minh
to enter this we museum visitors are not allowed to bring camera so we just memorize what what see
from the museum we went to one pillar pagoda
this historic site was built by Emperor Ly Thay Tho the great emperor of Vietnam in 11 Century
the emperor began constucted this pagoda in 1049
why the emperor built this pagoda it came from his dream when in his dream the Emperor met goddes of Mercy Quan The Am Bo That who handed him a child.
the Emperor then married a peasant girl and from the girl he got a son to express his gratitude he build this pagoda
one pillar pagoda itself resemble a lotus blossom which represent purity,rising out of sorrow

Muhamad Irfan
Fotografer Dan Traveller
Prewdding-Wedding-Valentine-honeymoon-Liburan keluarga-Reuni Universitas&sekolah-Paket Liburan
Instagram @irfantraveller
WA : 0813 1021 9179


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