Cambodia Trip : Phimeanakas Temple Nov,14,2013


After visited terrace of elephant and terrace of Lepper King we visited Phimeanakas it was late afternoon when we arrived here it about 4.09 pm to get here we walked down and passed the stone gate.whe we arrived here we saw a big building made from stone in pyramid shape
Pyramid style is look like Hindu Religion they belief mountain is sacred place that answer question why many religious building like temples were built in mountain shape
Phimeanakas was built by King Rajendravarman (941-968 AD) and continued later by his successor king suryavarman II
On the top of the temple there is gallery now it only ruins we can see the pillars here
There is a legend relating with this temple on the top of the temple was living a naga in beautiful woman form.
The king must come and met her every night if the naga didn’t show up the king live will not be long but if the king who didn’t show up the great disaster will struck the land
In the past only the king who can clim up to the top

Muchamad Irfan

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