Cambodia Trip : Kbal spean Nov 15,2013

Our destination now is kbal spean in khmer language meaning bridge head kbal spean is not far way from Angkor temples it is still in Siam reap area.
Kbal Spean is a river which is carved by god and goddess figure in Hindu Belief
From the entrance gate to the river is about 3 KM actually not far but the problem is we must pass the forest it is like trekking
I wonder is the range right 3 KM I felt it is more than 3 KM
Arrived at the river we soon took the picture a guide brought us to explore the are
Kbal spean was built began from King suryavarman I and ended at king udayadityavarman II from 11-12 AD

Muhamad Irfan
Fotografer Dan Traveller
Prewdding-Wedding-Valentine-honeymoon-Liburan keluarga-Reuni Universitas&sekolah-Paket Liburan
Instagram @irfantraveller
WA : 0813 1021 9179

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