Cambodia Trip : Lolei Temple Nov,17,2013

Lolei Temple

We arrived at Lolei Temple on November 17,2013 at 9 am.lolei is one of rulous group temple in Siam Reap like Bakong and Preah Ko.

Lolei is the northernmost from rulous group temple and the last to be built as part of hariharalaya city king Yashovarman I built this temple

When I walked down to the temple I saw 4 temple made from red brick this 4 temples represent King Grandfather,Grandmother,Father and his mother

Lolei like other rulous temples are Hindu Temple

These temples were built at 893 AD and make them older than Angkor wat

Rulous group temples are located near Angkor area

For visitors who have visited Angkor they can go here

When I came there is renovation working at here

Near the lolei is monastery for the monks we will see monks wearing their yellow robe in here

Location : hariharalaya,Near Siam Reap,Cambodia

Going Here : by Tuk tuk,motorcycle,rent car

Ticket : just show Angkor Ticket pass which you have bought at Ticket booth in front of Angkor Gate

photos can be seen at

Muchamad Irfan

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