Kerkhoff the cemetary of Dutch soldiers who died in Aceh War

Kerkhoff the cemetary of Dutch soldiers who died in Aceh War (1873-1905) and the tragic story of Meurah Pupok
On the last day in Aceh October 15,2013 at idul adha day from 4.11 pm-4.52 pm we visited Kerkhoff

Kerkhoff is a big cemetery the location next to Aceh Tsunami museum in this area there are more 2000 graves of Dutch soldiers who died during Aceh war
General Kohler who died in front of Baiturrahman Mosque in first aceh war also buried here (quite confusing because General Kohler tomb also found in Jakarta at Prasasti museum near national museum)

One interesting story is meurah pupok the crown prince of aceh Darussalam kingdom who executed by sultan iskandar muda also buried here
In the post before when I post the photos of Sultan iskandar muda(1607-1636) tomb we have known the reason why the sultan executed his own son.that is because meurah pupok did very big mistake.

many version about meurah pupok mistake but one great lesson we can learn from sultan iskandar is “before the law every people are equal “
no difference between rich or poor before the law even he is his own son and the crown prince he has to be punished according the law if he is guilty

let us remember sultan iskandar muda word when he gave the punishment to his son ” Gadoh Aneuk Meupat Jrat,Gadoh Hukom Ngon Adat Pat Tamita” ( The meaning is “Losing A Son We Can Still Find The Grave But If Law What We Area Losing Where We Can Find It”)
the next day we back to Jakarta

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