Cambodia : Tuol Sleng Museum

Photos talk thousand words.just see the photos and the pictures in tuol sleng museum we will know the suffering of all prisoners in this museum 
In tuol sleng museum people will see
The photos of the prisoners young,old,man,woman even children and babies were killed 
1. the cell for prisoners,
2. the painting of torture method which khmer rouge applied to their pisoners
3. the chain
4. toll for torture
5. the file which prisoners made under torture by khmer rouge interrogator 
from about 17.000 prisoners entered tuol sleng just few who survive most of them have been executed 
in the last building we will see stupa erected for the victims of tuol sleng in glass box the skull of human can be seen 
we saw an old lady cried and other visitors prayed in silent for the victim

Muchamad Irfan


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