Cambodia Trip November 13,2013 Banteay Chmar

We went to banteay chmar after we arrived at siam reap we left the city at 8 am and arrived at this temple at 12 am 
The road is bad if rain it will be very difficult to pass 
Banteay chmar is very close to Thailand border like preah vihear in the market people using USD,Riel and baht.
King Jayavarman VII built this complex of temple in same era when he built Angkor Thom 
The king built this end of 12 C and beginning of 13 C 
Like bayon this temple is Budhis
This temple has consumed by trees many big tress grow in temple structure 
Not many visitors come this place the location which isolated and far from the city are the main reason 
For travellers who don’t like crowded atmosphere in Angkor Wat Banteay Chmar can be good choice 
Before we left the temple we can see bass relief which tell us the battle and daily life at Khmer kingdom that era

Muchamad Irfan
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