Cambodia Trip : Nov 9-18,2013 Prasat Preah Vihear

Preah Vihear

Temples above the cloud maybe that name is correct if we talk about this temple which located in dangrek mountains right in the border line between Thailand and Cambodia.
The history of prasat preah vihear began at the end of 9 C when King Yasovarman I (899-910 C) built this temple complex on top of a hill in dangrek mountains the next 6 other kings continued built this temple and king suryavarman II (1112-1152 C) who also built Angkor wat was completed this temple.
Seeing the location on top of a hill prasat preah vihear is temple-mountains and represent mount meru.this is a hindu temple which worship shiva god.
From kompong cham (cham landing in khmer language ) we went to preah vihera in early morning.we left at 8 am and arrived at 9 am.
Cars,bus,motorcycle can’t continue directly to the temple all visitors must stop in checking post from here visitors will use car who the driver is army personel one car can accommodate up to 8/9 car is USD 25 so if you go with group it will cheaper.
From checking post to the temple only 10 minute you will see Cambodia army along the way
Prasat preah viher have become dispute for years between Cambodia and Thailand some clash between two nation happened here.
Thailand claims prasat preah vihear is belong to them and Cambodia refuse that claim
Prasat preah vihear is a very big complex there are 5 building here and to move from one building to another visitor must walk along the road 200 m each.

Muchamad Irfan
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