Cambodia: Trip Koh Ker Nov 13,2013

Koh Ker

This city was build in 10 century and became the capital of khmer kingdom from 928-944 century the other name is chok garygar
King jayavarman V who built this temple a that time he is the vassal king of Angkor kingdom he is the maternal uncle of king Ishanavarman II the king of Angkor
He then attacked Angkor and took the throne for himself he didn’t chosed Angkor wat as his capital but koh ker as his capital
King jayavarman VI was replaced by his son King harshavarman VII
The attraction of koh ker is big temple with pyramid stlye represent mount meru the sacret mountain in hindu beliefs
Seeing this temple make think the similiarty with temple in latin America which built by Maya nation
After king ishanavarman died the next king moved back the capital to Angkor

Caution : beware your step don’t slip away from the trail the area has been demined by international organization but for your own safety keep on the track

Muchamad Irfan
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