Cambodia Trip : King Statue and Indepence Monument

we visited King Norodom Sihanouk statue and Independence Monument on Saturday Evening Nov,9 and Sunday Nov,10 at morning 
King Norodom made his nation got independence in 1953 at his era conflict between North Vietnam and South vietnam backed by USA reach the height 
the king tried to be neutral and didn’t choose side 
but the heavy bombing by B-52 which USA did at 1968 and after at the ouskirt of cambodia which killed thousands cambodian people and destroyed many paddy fields caused fail harvest made the king began to tend to left his neutral position 
in 1970 general lon nol backed by USA overtrhrown the king 
the king then support Khmer Rouge and in 1975 khmer rouge succeds defeated general lon nol army 
1975-1979 Khmer rouge led the cambodia 
at 1979 Vietnam entered cambodia 
in 2004 the king badicated the throne to his son prince norodom sihamoni 
in jan 2013 the king passed away and millions of cambodian mourn their beloved king

Muchamad Irfan 
follow @TMIrfan

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