Cambodia Trip: Bayon Temple Nov,14,2013

Bayon Temple

After we visited Angkor wat for about 3,5 hour we visited Bayon Temple.bayon temple has special part in Angkor kingdom history.this is the temple state for King Jayavarman VII.the king is well remembered of his people for his bravery and great military leadership and strategist.
When Angkor wat was taken over by Cham Armies at 1177 C and the king tribhunadityawarman was killed in battle which caused Angkor commanders and soldiers lost the battle and left the battlefield.many royal families run to other direction one of them is a prince name jayavarman
Prince Jayavarman could gathered the scattered forces and from his place in Preah Khan (other name Prasat Bakan in Kompong Svay today) he could organize again his army and waged a war against Cham Armies.and in 1181 C only 4 years after the Cham could defeted Angkor Kingdom the Chams were defeated by King Jayavarman VII with his armies at a place near Angkor wat (later in this place King Jayavarman VII built Preah Khan Temple to memorize his winning against Cham)
Bayon Temple is very great and amazing temple the face shape tower is the reason wahy so many tourist visited this temple
Some says the face in face shape tower actually is the face of Budha but others says that is the face of King Jayavarman VII himself

Muchamad Irfan
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