Cambodia Trip : Apsara Dance November 14,2013

Apsara Dance

On the second night at SiamReap Cambodia we have the chance to see apsara dance in Siam Reap some restaurant have the performance of Apsara Dance one of them which we choose is at Mondial Restaurant
Arriving at hotel after visited temples at Angkor area at 5.30 pm we took a bath and waiting Mr.Sam our driver and guide to pick us up
At 6.30 he arrived and we went to mondial restaurant Thanks to Mr.Sam who has booked the seat for us
From hotel to mondial restaurant only 10 minute
Arrived at there even the show not began yet many tourist has came
Beside see the performance the audience also had dinner we are free take anything we want
7.30 pm the show began and opened with the female dancer
At 8.30 the show finished for the closing all the dancer and some of the audience took photos
After saw the dance we took a tour at siam reap city before back to hotel and the next day we visited temples at Angkor area again

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Vietnam Trip Feb 7-17,2014 (Hanoi,sapa,halong bay,hue,ho chi minh,ca tho )
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Muchamad Irfan
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