Cambodia trip : Angkor Wat Nov,14,2013

Angkor Wat

This is the most famous temple complex in Cambodia.people says “you not yet visit Cambodia before you visit Angkor wat “.
Tourist may not visit koh ker,beng maelea,sambor prei kuk,preah vihear and other tourist destination in Cambodia but they must be visit Angkor wat
Angkor wat is very big and large temple complex the building came from the first half of 12 century during the reign of king suryavarman II.
The temple is represent meru mountain the sacred mountain in Hindu religion.
Inside the temple visitor wil see beautiful relief on the wall it tell the story from mahabaratha and Ramayana like battle of kurusetra and battle of lanka we can see Hanoman,Rama,Rahwana,Princess Sita,Bima,Arjuna,and other figure in this wall.
Angkor wat always very crowded than any other temples even we have had come early in the morning other visitors has been at there
Sunrise and sunset from Angkor wat is very beautiful so come aely and take your spot.

Muchamad Irfan
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