Admiral Malahayati The First Female Navy Admiral

history write name of great naval commander

Admiral Horatio Nelson from British
Admiral Cheng Ho from Ming Dynasty (China) 
Admiral Yi Soon Shin from Joseon Kingdom (korea)
Admiral Khairudin Babarossa From Ottoman (Turki) 
and many other naval commander 

but we never hear a woman become admiral and lead many sailors and soldiers like Admiral Malahayati did 

Admiral malahayati lead Aceh darussalam navy against dutch navy in decisive battle on September 11,1599 
in that battle admiral malahayati killed famous dutch Navy commander Cornelis De Houtman one by one fight above the ship 
that day Aceh darussalam Kingdom defeated Dutch Naval Forces 
Admiral Malahayati have special army name inong bale meaning widow.members of inong bale army are wife who her husband died in battlefield.
on the last day we in Aceh we visited Inong Bale Fort and grave of Admiral Malahayati

Muchamad Irfan 


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