Tomb Of Sultan Iskandar Muda


history has written King Iskandar Muda who lead Aceh darussalam Kingdom from (1607-1636) is the greatest King of Aceh darussalam

in his era Aceh has good relationship with big kingdom at that time France,British,Dutch and Ottoman Turki

aceh has strong navy and land army

the kingdom became rich and prosperous

King Iskandar Muda also known for his justice even to his own son the crown prince meurah pupok

because the crown prince did a great mistake the king himself gave death sentence

his famous word “gadoh aneuk meupat jrat.gadoh hukom ngon adat pat tatmita ” (in English losing the son can find the grave but if losing the law where we can find it )

we can find Meurah pupok grave at Kerkhoff together with thousands of dutch army who died at Aceh-Dutch War (1873-1905)

KIng Iskandar Muda is the Example of great leader his long vision and his justice will be remembered forever

Muchamad Irfan

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