Aceh Trip October 11-15,2013 : Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

When we arrived at Iskandar Muda Airport,Aceh Besar October 11,2013 the time was 10.45 am.we were greeted by Mrs.linda.because the time amost Friday prayer we first visited baiturrahman grand mosque located at the heart of banda aceh.


before entered the mosque and did Friday praying

Baiturrahman grand mosque is famous for the beautiful architecture tree big dome in centre and right and left side is the characteristic of this mosque.many visitors took the picture of this mosque before entering the mosque for Friday prayer like us


this is the front gate before we entering the mosque I took this photo at 5.53 pm

This mosque first time was built at sultan iskandar muda era at 1612 M.the first mosque was made of wood.when Dutch army under general kohler attacked aceh april 1873 M.this mosque was burnt down.many soldiers from aceh Darussalam and dutch died around here.general kohler himself was shoot down by an aceh soldier.the spot where general kohler died now standing a monument.

At 1877 M Dutch government at Aceh under governoor general van lansberge announced they will rebuilt aceh grand mosque right in the place where the first grand mosque was built.this decision were made to appease aceh people who majority are muslims.
And at 1879 M aceh grand mosque were built and finished some year later.baiturarhman grand mosque has been witness of aceh important history.


I took this photo after maghrib praying many people after praying din’t leave the mosque some of them read Quran and other waiting for Isya time

Recently when earthquake and tsunami hit aceh on December 2004 many people took shelter at baiturrahman grand mosque and they live were saved.

I took this photo at 7 pm after maghrib praying

I took this photo at 7 pm after maghrib praying

We visited baiturrahman mosque two times day when we came October 11 and the last day at aceh October 15 the next day we back to Jakarta

Muchamad Irfan
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