Pasuruan-Sidoarjo Temples And Culinary Trip First Day Saturday,October 5,2013

We began our trip from Gambr Train Station on Friday,October 4 we too train to go to Surabaya at 7.30 pm our train left Gambir.on saturdaya morning October 5 We arrived at pasarturi train station,Surabaya city at 7 am.sop buntut pabeansop buntut pabean which delicious

before we began our trip we took a breakfast at soto buntut pabean depot ganefo at kalimati street No.36 A near BCA Bank.

gununggangsir 1gununggangsir 2

We began from gunung gangsir temple this temple is located on gunung gangsir village beiji subdistrict just about 18 km from pasuruan city.the name of the temple was keboncandi.we met workers who was doing restoration this temple.this temple is came from king airlangga reign about 11 th century.this make gununggangsir temple the oldest temple we visited than other temples we visited on this journey.this temple is unique like we know temples came from era before majapahit in east java usually made of andesit rocks but this temple made of red bricks.unfortunatelly we didn’t got information what religion influence temple budhist or hindus no statue we can’t find.there is a legend about this temple this temple was built to honour nyi sri gati or mbok renda derma (translate to be the generous widow) for her contribution for agriculture.

jawi templejawi temple 2

Jawi temple this temple is quite easy to find compared to other temples that we visited during our trip in pasuruan-sidoarjo because the location is on the main rod between kecamatan pandaan-kecamatan prigen and pringebukan.this temple of worsip for hindu and budhist people the temple is mixed or syncretic Hinduism –budhism religion this temple built in late 13 th century by singasari kingdom predecessor of Majapahit kindom.jawi temple has deep meaning for singasari kingdom it is believed the ashes of king kertanegara the greatest and the last king of kingasari is stored here it mean this emple has other purposes as mortuary temple for king kertanegara.king kertanegara ashes also believed stored in other temple name singhasari andjago temple both of the temple located in malang city

pari templepari temple (2)sumur temple

Pari temple also came from majapahit ingdom pari temple has a legend long time majapahit kingdom under king brawijaya was facing terrible crop failure.then the king heard in kedung soko region they have excess rice yields.the king then ordered his officers to borrow rice from kedung soko.there were 2 farmers in kedung soko who their rice fields produces many grains their name were jaka walang tinunu and joko pandelegen.both jaka walang tinunu and joko pandelegen gave their rice to help people majapahit kingdom.the king,officers and all people of majapahit very gratitude for the help.king brawijaya then wanted to gave position and title to jaka walang tinunu and joko pandelegen. jaka walang tinunu agreed and came to the capital to got the honour but Joko pandelegen refused and disappeared his wife Mrs.Loro walang angin also disappeared followed her husband when wanted to bring to the respect Joko pandelegen and his wife Mrs.Loro walang angin  2 temple were built in the place where they disappeared Pari Temple for Joko pandelegen and sumur temple for Mrs.Loro walang angin  the location between two temples are near only about 100 m.

candi pamotan 1candi pamotan 2

From here we continue to pamotan temple 1 and 2 this temple is located on pamotan village kecamatan porong Little information we got about pamotan temple from paper we got from the keeper the first person investigate this temple was GLA Brandes  a dutch people in 1903 until 1921 no person ever investigate this temple. And in 1923 NJ Krom other archaeologist wrote this temple.visitor only find ruins of the temple.

kupang lontongkupang lontong warong

For lunch we choose kupang lontong.kupang  is a kind of small shell who live in sea around sidoarjo.kupang lontong is typical food of sidoarjo.the most delicious way taste it with calm saoarjtay.we ate kupang lontong at kupang lontong pasar suko jalan Raya suko sidarjo (next to suko market )

candi dermodermo temple

Dermo temple is locate on dusun dermo candi negoro village kecamatan wonoayu kabupaten sidoarjo.same like gununggangsir temple we met workers who doing restoration.this temple made of red bricks and believed to came from majapahit era.this temple has experienced restoration on dutch era but the restoration damage the temple.many people said in internet if many snakes live in dermo temple and after we came there we can say it is wrong dermo temple located in midlle of eople homes and we together with the keeper has entered this temple so it safe to visit dermo village

jedong templejedong temple relief

Jedong temple is the last temple we visited in our first day to reach this temple we can go to ngoro industrial park,sidoarjo.the location of this temple is on watonmas jedong village,kecamatan ngoro,kabupaten mojokerto teatnya di lereng utara gunung penanggungan we arrived here about 5 this area there are 2 building with shape like temples seeing from the design this should be gate.

From jedong temple we back to Surabaya and stayed at hotel near jembatan merah bridge after took a rest we visited sunan ampel mosque and cemetery and had our dinner by eating nasi kebuli.

Muchamad Irfan

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