Exploring old temples and indonesian food in east Java

Good day fellow couchsurfers friends

do you like visiting old temples and taste Indonesia food

On Saturday-Sunday October 5-6 we will traveling to east java the city are sidoarjo-pasuruan-mojokerto-surabaya

At Friday,October 4 We will depart from Gambir Train Station (Jakarta) at 7.30 pm and arrived on Saturday October 5 at Pasar Turi Station (Surabaya) at 6.00 am

Day 1 we will explore Sidoarjo-pasuruan

Day 2 time to explore mojokerto-surabaya

We will back to Jakarta on Sunday October 6 from pasar turi station by train at 8.00 pm arrive at Jakarta about 6 am

For 2 days traveling we will rent a car

We have made itinerary for this trip I can send you it to you

Fellow couchsurfers at Surabaya-pasuruan-mojokerto-sidoarjo it is great visit your city hope we can meet at your city


Warm greeting

Muchamad Irfan




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