Amazing Ijen Crater

Ijen Mountain and Ijen Crater is the amazing Tourist in Indonesia it is located in Ijen Mountain in east java povince and some area enter Banyuwangi district and another enter Bondowoso district. Ijen Mountain and Ijen crater land surrounding is natural conservation so tress,animal and everything in this area is protected by the law.

many tourists from domestic and abroad come to here every year. many activities can doing in here hunting Photos,walking and enjoy the fresh air and seeing pine tree,mountain pine,Edelweiss flower ,watching the activity of sulfur miners what make this interesting  sulfur miners can bring 80-100 Kg sulphur in wood basket in their shoulder and bring it about more than 3,7 KM by walking. you can seeing the sunrise at dawn when the sun appear beside the mountains and the view from Ijen Crater with their blue colour when exposed by sunlight create beautiful view is tourist favourite moment. no wonder many tourist come in very morning for not miss that moment.

Ijen Mountain and Ijen crater can be accesed from Bondowoso or banyuwangi.

Banyuwangi-Licin-jambu-patulding then walk to Ijen Mountain and crater (choosing by many adventurer).

Bondowoso-Wonosari-Sompol-Patulding then walk to Ijen Mountain and crater (choosing by many visitor).

Fellow Toastmaster if you are looking for right destination for you and your beloved family lets go to Ijen

TM Irfan member of Toastmaster International

Head general of Komunitas Klasik Indonesia (KKI)

(introducing Indonesia History,Culture,Nature,Culinary to the world)


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